The Top Three Restaurants in Phoenix for Foodies

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After living in Phoenix for a few years, it is safe to say that I am getting tired of eating at the same places every week. It’s not that the restaurants I am eating at are bad, but their initial appeal has well worn off by now. After asking a few of my friends, they showed me what the latest restaurants are that people in Phoenix have been going to. These three restaurants that I will be reviewing are the ones that got me hooked, and I hope they will interest you readers as well.

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The first restaurant in Phoenix on the list is Harumi Sushi. I have always had a special place in my heart for sushi, so I had to talk about Harumi Sushi first. This restaurant is located in downtown Phoenix, right next to all the activities that make this town so popular. After eating here you could go see a movie, go for a walk at a nearby park, or even go shopping for a bit. My favorite aspect of Harumi Sushi is the menu, so that is the thing I will talk about the most in this review.

Even if you think that you don’t like sushi very much, I guarantee that you will find something on the menu that you enjoy. You don’t even have to order sushi, either. You can order a bento box that comes with teriyaki chicken and a little bit of salad, which is what I typically do. Harumi Sushi offers a lot of great choices for sauces and dressings, and they work well with whatever food you order. If you are dead set that you want to order sushi rolls, I have a few favorites of those as well.

The “Oh My God roll” and “H3 roll” are amazing, to nameĀ  few. It is difficult to say which rolls exactly are the best, because I enjoy all of them. I would prefer not to single any one of them out, and I am sure that the management at Harumi Sushi prefers I don’t, either. That way they can make sure their customers try each and every one of them. One thing that I have noticed about each sushi restaurant I try in Phoenix is that all of the rolls taste different, even if they contain the exact same ingredients.

However, not all of them happen to be very good. Harumi Sushi has great, fresh ingredients in everything that they offer. No matter what you order, it will be consistent in quality and price. That’s enough about the food, though. This Phoenix restaurant is also very sanitary, and sometimes I am surprised at the lengths the staff will go to ensure things remain clean.

For example, cleaning the tables before people are seated. This may seem commonplace in restaurants that are found in Phoenix, but you would be surprised. Even the bathrooms are kept immaculate, a feat that I had not previously thought possible. I need to get a hold of whoever hires the staff for Harumi Sushi, because they need to locate some great workers for me. Sanitation isn’t the only part of their jobs that Harumi Sushi’s staff do exceedingly well, though.

They are also very sharp, and can offer different things on the menu based on what preferences you give to them. You really have to know your restaurant’s menu to do something like that, and for that I applaud them. If you were to go online and look at the many positive online reviews for Harumi Sushi, you would be able to tell the difference in quality as opposed to other restaurants just from the sheer number of great reviews alone. If you want to know more about Harumi Sushi, then make sure to check them out.

phoenix stockyards restaurant steakhouse

Next up is a great Phoenix steakhouse by the name of Stockyards Restaurant. The name doesn’t really make my mouth water, but the thought of their food does. Stockyards Restaurant is found right next to Thornwood in Phoenix, and if you live nearby there then it is a great place to stop by for a meal. The main complaint that I hear from my friends when it comes to steakhouses is just the price. They can’t eat at fancy restaurants regularly purely because they cannot afford it.

Stockyards Restaurant eliminates this worry from my mind, and for that I am thankful. It is always much appreciated when a restaurant’s management looks out for their customers and offers great quality for an affordable price. It’s almost like the food is on sale, and the sale is never ending. That’s how I like to think of it, at least. No matter what you think, you can’t deny how many great reviews this Phoenix restaurant has.

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Last but not least, The Henry should scratch the breakfast and brunch itch that most people have whenever going on a vacation to a new town. After all, you’re not anywhere near your kitchen so it’s hard to make a breakfast for yourself. The Henry is one of the finer establishments that you will find in town, but that is probably because it’s found so close to Camelhead Ranch in Phoenix. Just as with the other two restaurants, it is abundantly clear that The Henry’s staff take pride in how immaculate their restaurant is. However, there is one thing that a restaurant’s staff cannotĀ  clean by themselves.

That would be a grease hood. Restaurants all over Phoenix have fallen prey to grease fires as a result of poor kitchen maintenance, and I would hate to see this one go as well. If you are a business owner reading this or you know of one who is not currently working with a Phoenix hood cleaner, do not hesitate to contact Phoenix Hood Cleaning.

You can contact them from the contact page on their website, or just find their number off of Google. Whatever you do, make sure to keep your restaurant’s best interests in mind. Otherwise the Phoenix competition could snatch up those amazing online reviews that you worked so hard to obtain.