Being back in Oregon

I’m back in Oregon, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. On the positive side, I get a chance to talk about myself for a while again. But on the negative side, I’m gonna miss everything from Reno that I wanted so desperately to visit for. Naomi isn’t coming back to Oregon this time, because my grandparents are having a lot of medical issues and they can’t have her at their house at the moment. So Naomi decided to just stay with my dad in Oregon and get a full-time job or something.

I don’t know all the details, because my mom just told me as soon as I got home and all this happened within the past day. Now that we got that out of the way, it’s time to talk about me again. Fortunately, my mom is a way better cook than my dad so I can go back to home cooked meals. We had apple pancakes last night, we’re having beans and wieners with tater tots tonight, and tomorrow night we’re going to my favorite buffet, Izzy’s. Izzy’s is by far the best buffet I’ve ever been to. It could just be the fact that I’ve gone there for my entire life so it makes me happy and reminds me of the past when we lived there. I tend to live in the past a lot. My dad says that isn’t a good thing, dwelling on the past too much.

Like living in the past is a bad trait for someone to have. I can’t help it. I love remembering all the stuff that used to make me happy. It’s nice to see how things changed over time. One time I had a friend leave his pet at the doggie daycare and it definitely changed for the better. It was happier and had more energy. Speaking of changing over time, one of the classes that I’m currently taking (senior project class) has two of my friends that I’ve known since second grade. I’ve known them for a decade, and they look pretty much the same as the last time I saw them. Only one of them recognized me, and he’s one of the most extracurricularly active students. I think he’s the class president, but I forget.

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