Taylor, my niece

I think I already wrote a whole post about Taylor in the past, but it’s time to write another one. I’d upload some pictures of her, but unfortunately my sister Rebecca doesn’t want pictures of Taylor posted online anywhere. Now that I think about it, I’m actually kinda scared that I might’ve actually posted a picture of her on accident without thinking. Steph gets to meet Taylor on Saturday, which she’s been waiting to do for a while. Taylor was born Taylor Anne Smith on 2/29/16, so she’s about 1 1/2. Her hair is blonde and she looks a lot like her father, which probably upsets Becca because he was unfaithful and they’re not together anymore.

We still see him sometimes. Taylor was taking swim lessons, but I’m not sure if she is anymore. She was getting pretty good at swimming for a baby, and plus my classmates were all the swim instructors so they all adored her. Everyone thinks Taylor is cute. She’s pretty cute compared to other babies. I see all these other babies and I’m thinking to myself, “Wow, at least Taylor doesn’t look like that.” Newborns are actually really unattractive to me. They haven’t developed any cute features yet, so they’re just these tiny little scary screaming monsters. I especially hate loud noises, so if there’s a baby who’s screaming at the top of its lungs then I will despise it. Maybe someday Taylor and I can operate the R and S Brewery Company.

We’d probably have to move to Vegas, because that’s where all the drinkers are. After doing a bit of research, my friend told me about a great place for a las vegas liquor license. I’m hoping to take Taylor to Wild Island before I head home with her and the family. I’m leaving next Saturday, so hopefully we get a chance to do everything I want before she’s back in Oregon. After all, it’s not every day that you get to visit ¬†your uncle in Reno. She’s never even been outside of the state before, although she doesn’t really know the difference. We’ll just have to distract her on the way back and tickle her and read to her whenever she isn’t sleeping. She loves me a lot, so I must be a good uncle.

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