The clothes that I wear #2

I don’t really have much of a fashion sense, so I don’t wear any clothes that others would specifically enjoy. When I was younger, I used to only wear long sleeved shirts. I either wore shorts, sweats, or cargo pants, but never jeans. Nowadays, I can’t stand wearing long sleeved shirts. If I’m really that cold, I’ll figure out a way to become warmer. Trust me. Being hot is the worst thing on the planet. Currently I wear shirts that are large or bigger. Large shirts feel kinda small on me sometimes because of the material, so I usually tend to wear shirts that are XL or larger.

The only XXL shirt that I own is an Avengers t-shirt that was promoting Avengers: Age of Ultron back in 2015. The shirt still looks huge on me, so I’m embarrassed to think about what it looked like on me back then. It probably looked like a dress, honestly. I can’t stand wearing tight clothes, so most of my shirts are baggy. For my senior pictures I wore a plaid flannel button-up, so that’s the one exception. Actually, I have a blue polo but it makes me look like a chubby dad. I thought I looked good in it, but everyone else’s cameras disagreed with me. Luckily you can’t see the bald spot, since I’m so tall.  If you’re my family member and you’re reading this, stop getting me shirt with sarcastic comments like “I didn’t slap you, I high fived your face”.

Everyone at my school just cringes when they see those shirts and they’re super gross. Out of all the ones that I currently own, I do have a few favorites. Sound interesting? It better, because you already know I’m going to tell you either way. If I had to pick my top three, it would be my beach shirt, my Dr. Pepper shirt, and my blue munchies shirt with cookie monster on it. My beach shirt is all white except for this image of a palm tree and some water on the front. It’s ironic since I live in oregon. The only person to ever get the joke was my some guy in Sacramento, when I was visiting a restaurant that my family owns. They actually did a great job, so I would recommend getting a Sacramento Hood Cleaning.

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