Topic Number 1 #1

I thought about just numbering each article from now on instead of giving them a name, but A.) my boss would think that I’m being extremely lazy and B.) he would be right. It’s not really so much about being lazy as it is about running out of things to say. I know, even a guy like me can eventually run out of fuel. That’s why I found another article about 101 conversational topics. Now I’m going to start numbering my articles, but after the title of each one. For example, “How to start fresh each morning #5”.

Hopefully this works out and it doesn’t turn out to be detrimental, like google suddenly thinking that I’m spam because I did something wrong. I’m always afraid of that kind of stuff. I have a buddy in Miami who always knows what to say, no matter the situation. I haven’t seen him in a long time because he lives so far away, but also because he runs a really successful miami hood cleaning business. He’s probably swimming in clients, since he’s so good with words.Anyways, I’ll start now even though I already wrote half of the article. I’ll just pick a short one, that way I don’t waste any good topics. I actually haven’t even looked at them yet, so hopefully they’re not all a single word or something like that. “What a treasure trove I have laid mine eyes upon.” -Kermit 1802. Kidding, of course. I think he was invented in the 70s. Okay, never mind. He actually came out in 1955.

The first topic on the list is current situation. I’m eating a bowl of potato chips while working off of my computer, and I live with my mom. In retrospect, I now feel depressed after stating that. If I was 40, my life would be essentially over. There’s no coming back after that point. There’s a mountain even Marvin Gaye couldn’t climb. For all my child fans under the age of 10, that was a reference to the song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. I’ve worked off of my computer for about four months now, and I haven’t seen or smelled the outside world in many moons. You don’t want to know how long it’s been since I last saw my belly button.

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